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Portable Cooling Station
Portable Cooling Station
Patended Cooling Technology

Stave off the heat and keep your body
thriving in its thermal sweet spot.

Better for the Earth and Everyone

Made with organic and safe materials
to keep potentially harmful toxins away.

Portable Cooling Station
Portable Cooling Station
Portable Cooling Station
Portable Cooling Station
Portable Cooling Station
Portable Cooling Station
Portable Cooling Station

Portable Cooling Station Sale

The No.1 Crowdfunded Cooling Care Technology
  • Regular price $39.00

Experience the convenience of on-the-go cooling with our Portable Cooling Station, ensuring you're always comfortable and at your best.

  • Enjoy optimal comfort anytime, anywhere by placing the Thermopad into the Portable Cooling Station with the frozen Super Chargers.
  • Patented Dual-Insulation Structure and Waterproof Zipper effectively block external heat.
  • Designed to enhance cooling efficiency, the Portable Cooling Station keeps your frozen pads frozen even longer.

Stay refreshed and focused no matter where you are, with Degreve's Portable Cooling Station for your Thermonecks.

5year warranty
60day trial
organically produced

Maximize Your Cooling Convenience

  • 1 Portable Cooling Case: Designed to keep your Thermopads frozen longer, this case ensures optimal cooling comfort wherever you are.
  • 18.5cm length, 10.2cm width, 206g weight
  • Portability for quick refreezing and maintenance on the go.
  • Super Chargers sold separately
FAQ + -
  • Patented dual-insulation structure easily maintains the coolest temperatures longer
  • Water proofed zipper to prevent anything from getting in, or out
  • Designed around portability, and cooling efficiency
  • Maintain your Thermopads anywhere, anytime or bring a melted pad back to its coolest temperatures


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